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     Our next "B" Group will take place on Sunday, 21 August, and it will be to Lough Hyne in Skibbereen.  We will meet at the North Pier at Lough Hyne at 10:30 a.m. (turn left when you reach the Lough) and we will park there.  We will walk from the North Pier  around the western side of the lake and I hope I will get permission from the owner of the land which will allow us to get to the channel on the eastern side - this is worth seeing depending on the time of the day, and we will see Bullock Island quite clearly.

     Then we will head up the minor road which will bring us back to Lough Hyne again.  From there we will head up through the wood to summit of Knockomagh (also known as Lough Hyne hill at a height of 197 metres.  Then we head north through the Coillte Forest and come down a minor road to return the the North Pier.

     The walk will take about will be about 10 km and should take about 4 hours.

     Ordnance Survey map no. 89 covers the area.